Sailing out of Miami on a Cruise Ship

Sailing out of Miami

I love cruises. For many reasons.

There are many types of trips you can take. I like to call a week in an all-inclusive resort in Mexico a vacation. Travelling, on the other hand, is more like spending a few weeks in a new city discovering the culture, the sights, the food… I’m generalizing here but to some extent, I think there’s quite a bit of difference between the two types of trips.

In between that, you can find a big range of travels/vacations/trips. A cruise fits in that in between range in my opinion. You’re on a ship, that looks more like a small city than a ship. You get to eat enormous amounts of delicious food. You get some great entertainment. You have all the booze you could possibly want (not included though). You get to see a few nice islands or cities, depending where you are cruising. What’s not to love about a cruise?

This particular picture was taken departing Miami on the Norwegian Epic, from Norwegian Cruise Lines. At that time, the Epic was still a brand new ship (first sailed in June 2010, and our cruise was in October 2010). I will elaborate more on the Epic in a later post, but first wanted to share my thoughts on the port of departure.

Of course, you usually don’t choose your cruise based on the departure city, but rather on the stops the ship is scheduled to make, or the ship you want to try. But I am pretty sure everyone who has already sailed from Miami will agree with me: it is much more impressive than sailing out of Fort Lauderdale.

What’s nice about Miami is that the dock is a little way inland at the end of a long channel. It makes for interesting views of the surroundings while sailing out since you have quite a bit of time from when you leave the dock to when you exit the channel out to sea. You get to see the big yachts, gorgeous houses, and at the end: the beautiful beach.

If you ever sail out of Miami, please, get a drink and head up to the sundeck and enjoy the views!

Are you a cruise lover? How many have you done? What are your favorite ships? Let me know in the comments below!

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