Time Lapse – Deicing and Take Off from YUL – Air Canada

I just came back from a quick two day trip to New York city. I left Montreal sunday afternoon on the 3 PM flight to LaGuardia, and took the 8 PM flight back to Montreal from LaGuardia on tuesday.

Flying at that time of the year is always tricky, in my opinion. Especially between Montreal and New York. Some years ago, I did a few Montreal-Newark trips, and I don’t think I had one without any delays. I was even once rebooked on a flight to LaGuardia instead of Newark. What an adventure: changing our car reservation and having to drive through Manhattan to get where we needed to be in New Jersey…!

So yes, I think that travelling at that time of the year to New York is always a bit of a gamble. Because you never know how much snow there is going to be over there and if it will impact your flight (I say over there because we all know well that when there’s snow here in Montreal, it’s not a reason to cancel or delay a flight! You just have to spend a few minutes at the deicing pad!).

Sunday, it was snowing quite a lot in Montreal. But my flight stayed perfectly on time. Even if we had to get deiced. I filmed a time-lapse of our taxi and take off. My iPhone processed it a bit faster than I would have liked, but it’s still pretty neat (I think).


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