Live Scorpions On Skewers In Beijing

I’m all about trying new things. But live scorpions on skewers? Really?

Scorpions on a Skewer Beijing

We were walking around Beijing, and we stumbled on that street food stand. There were more people in front of that stand than anywhere around, so naturally we were curious and got closer to see what was going on.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting to see. But for sure, it wasn’t to see live scorpions on a bunch of skewers! You read correctly. Live scorpions. Those little things were still moving.

Scorpions on a Skewer Beijing

You don’t believe me? Check out the video below. And excuse my french. I’m basically saying in the video: “Who’s hungry? Do you want small scorpions to eat? They’re fresh…” And then I say: “To prove that it really is a food restaurant, look at the other meat”. And then “We’re not the only ones that find that funny, and some people are buying some”.

So yes, even Chinese seemed to find that funny, and some people were buying the scorpions. They grill them on order, don’t worry…!

Oh yeah and if like me you were all eyes on the moving scorpions, did you notice the starfish and the sea horses on skewers too?

I prefer my starfish and my sea horses in the sea. And my scorpions, dead. If I had to choose something in that food stand, it would definitely have been the… corn!

Would you eat that? I’m really curious to know! Let me know in the comments below!

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