My Favorite Travel Apps

Technology has made our lives easier. In our daily lives, and also when we travel. When I’m on the road, I always have my iPhone on me, and loaded on my iPhone are some excellent and really useful travel apps.


Below is a list of what I think are the must haves on your iPhone (or any other device you have, but I have an iPhone so I will talk for that!), along with the links to the iTunes Store.


1. Currency


Unless you’re extremely good in mental arithmetic, or unless you’ve been in a country for a while and are now familiar with the currency conversion, you will like this app. You input the amount in currency and it converts automatically into other currencies of your choice. What’s great about this app is that you can use it offline. The exchange rates might not be the most up to date, but you will still have a good idea.




As I said in previous pages, I really like Their app is well made and it’s easy to book a hotel or hostel on the go. You can also have access to all your bookings in one place. Convenient.


3. Kayak Pro or Kayak


Because we often need to check flights on the go, Kayak comes in handy. Just make sure that you’re not on a free and slow Starbucks wi-fi network. It literally took me three hours in Beijing to book a flight from there to Tokyo. At least it was raining outside.




Another useful booking app,, if you prefer looking for hostels specifically, it can be a good alternative to other booking apps.


5. Apple Maps


You would think that if you don’t have any internet connection, Apple Maps isn’t of any use. But you would be wrong. This method is not 100 % fail safe, but if you load the maps of the area where you are planning to use the app, you will be able to use it when you get to this location, if you have location services turned on. Without using any data. Just make sure you disable Data Roaming in your iPhone settings. And try not to load a too big area, because the app might forget the older data. Make some tests before!


6. Airline and hotel apps


Download the apps of the airlines you plan to fly and the hotels you plan to stay at. They can come in handy for checking in, checking a flight status, accessing reservations, etc. You can also access boarding passes on your phone, or open your room door with your iPhone.


7. TripIt or TripIt Free


Managing a lot of hotel reservations and flights can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hopping from one place to another. With TripIt, you just have to forward your reservations confirmation emails to a specified email address within the app and TripIt will organize everything in your calendar. You can set it to send you notifications so you don’t miss a single flight!


8. MagicJack (Now seems called MagicApp)


As long as you have wi-fi, you can make phone calls to any landline in the world. Simple as that. Well, as long as you don’t try to use the WiFi at the hostel I stayed at in Osaka (which was otherwise a great hostel). Sorry mom if I didn’t call you enough while in Osaka, the WiFi is to blame!


9. Flightradar24 Pro or Flightradar24 Free


Because, you know, it’s always cool to check out which planes are around you when you’re not at your home airport, right? Right?!


10. Microsoft OneNote


OneNote, for those who don’t already use it, is a powerful note taking app that syncs across all your devices. While it’s really useful in our everyday lives, I find it especially useful while travelling. During the planning stage of my travels, I make tabs of every city I plan to go to and I put in as much information as I can. Once at destination, I can access that information offline. It’s also really useful to keep copies of passports, flight itineraries or hotels bookings details.


AA Window Seat Wing




Those are probably my favorite travel apps. I’m sure there are many more out there, but I think they are the ones I use the most.


What about you? What are your favorite travel apps? Let me know in the comments below, I am always looking for other useful apps to make my travels easier!


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