My Travel Bucket List

Like every traveller, I have a long list of places that I’d like to see. I though about that, and made my Top 10 Travel Bucket List.

Here we go!

1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I don’t know why, but there’s something that fascinates me about Dubai. It might be the fact that not too long ago it was a desert with almost nothing there, while today it’s a bustling city. It might be the fact that it’s so futuristic with the Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the indoor ski mountain…

Or it might be because I saw that awesome time-lapse video of Dubai:

Isn’t it an awesome video?!

2. Galapagos Islands

Why? Because of the wildlife. It looks so unique because of its remote location, and the photographer and scuba diver in me just can’t imagine not going there once in my life to experience the wildlife.

3. Tahiti

Did I use the excuse “the scuba diver in me” just before? Well, let me use the same excuse here. Diving with sharks That and the overwater bungalows. Hey, it’s a bucket list, it doesn’t mean that I’ll be booking a week in an overwater bungalow next month!

4. Iceland

Iceland’s geology is quite unique. And it makes for some awesome scenery. Throw in the midnight sun (if you go at the right period of the year) and it makes a killer video like this one. It makes me want to go there!

BEYOND NATURE Iceland Timelapse – 아이슬란드 from aprilgarden on Vimeo.

5. The Greek Islands

There is something magical about the cliffs and the white houses. I could easily imagine myself watching a sunset from there while eating a good meal of fresh fish!

6. Safari in Africa

As a photographer, I enjoy seeing some wildlife. And a safari in Africa is the perfect way to capture some unique pictures of an environment where the man is clearly not the king. It’s something to see lions in a zoo, but I want to see them in their habitat!

Lion Africa Safari

7. New Zealand

I like to think that New Zealand is a bit like Western Canada. The mountains, the coastlines, it just seems so beautiful!

8. India

I wasn’t sure to put India on my list. But when I think about it, I really want to go to India one day. I think that I just have to prepare myself mentally before going there, which might still take a few years. I was shocked when I got to China. And then again when I got to Indonesia. But India seems in another category. One day…!

9. Vietnam

I really love Asia. While I’ve been to quite a few places in Asia, I haven’t got a chance to go to Vietnam. I have to go there someday! It seems so beautiful!

10. Western Canada

It’s okay to travel in your own country right? Canada is big. I’ve been pretty much everywhere in the east, and I’ve been in Vancouver, but I’ve never been to Banff and the surrounding areas. I mean, that’s really in my own backyard? I gotta go!

Lake Canada


I think that’s about it for my top 10 travel bucket list. It’s by no way an exhaustive list of places where I’d like to go, and it’s not a list of my next planned trips, but it’s a good list of top destinations where I will need to go before I die!

What do you think? Should I add anything? Remove anything? Let me know what’s your bucket list in the comments below!

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