Lombok Indonesia – Where Is That Beach?

While in Lombok, we decided to rent a car and a driver so he could drive us to a few nice places on the island.

I already hear some of you say: “Why didn’t you rent a scooter, it’s much more convenient and you can go at your own pace!”

Well, my experience with a scooter a little more than a week before in Bali had a lot of influence on our choice of car and driver rather than motorbike!

So our driver drove a while, and then got on a narrow road, and then on a path that really didn’t look like a road. At least not a road where a normal car would go. I sure wouldn’t have gone there with my own car. But our driver seemed to know what he was doing. I doubt it was his first time there.

For a while we wondered where he was brining us. And then as we were approaching the coast, we started to understand. The road was bumpy, but it was worth it!

Sometimes, rather than wandering on your own, I think it can be worth it to hire a local for the day to show you around. Had we gone alone on rental scooters, we would never have seen that beach!

Now, I need your help. My memory is very selective, and I absolutely can’t remember the places we went that day. So if you recognize this place:

Where is that beach?!

Lombok Beach

Where is this beach?

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