Rheos Gear Sunglasses – My New Favorite Pair Of Sunglasses

A while ago, Rheos Gear contacted me and agreed to send me a pair of their polarized sunglasses in exchange for my thoughts on them. After thoroughly testing them (aka wearing them during my day to day life and while travelling), I’m finally ready to express my thoughts!

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first. 50 $ for a pair of polarized sunglasses? Surely something was wrong. They probably weren’t really polarized. They were probably flimsy and would break with the slightest pressure applied on them.

I was wrong!

First, the sunglasses came out in a nice sleek box.

Rheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear Sunglasses

Inside the box, I found the glasses themselves, a Rheos sticker and a bookmark, as well as a carrying pouch.

Rheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear Sunglasses

My first impression of the glasses were that they were very light. I guess that floating sunglasses should be expected to be light, but I was still surprised by their light weight.

They also looked really good!

Rheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear SunglassesRheos Gear Sunglasses

My previous pair of glasses were more on the slimmer side, while those looked larger on my face. I quite liked the look!

At first, I used them while driving and going to work, without too many opportunities to test the waterproofing or polarizing capabilities of the glasses. The carrying case (pictured below), quickly got lost and I ended up putting the glasses in my computer bag, in a small compartment in my car, etc. To my surprise, they still look great and haven’t scratched!

I chose the gunmetal color for the frame and the lenses, I quite liked the color shade.

Rheos Gear Sunglasses

They quickly became my go to pair on sunglasses.

Fast forward to a cruise in the Caribbean, and I was able to confirm that the glasses are indeed polarized! They made the sea so much clearer and vivid and remove all the unwanted reflections. I also swam a few times with them and they float!

I can imagine that it will be a useful feature for people prone to dropping their glasses in the water.

The one negative comment I have to make is that they don’t hold very well when I prop them up on my head. When I walk into a store for example, I’m used to put my glasses up on my head. The Rheos Gear Sunglasses would stay if I didn’t move much, but if I have to look down, or up, they would fall off. I ended up hanging them on my shirt (below my neck), but then again, they would sometimes fall down if I had to crouch down (to tie my shoes for example) since the hinge on the glasses is a little too loose to keep them in place on my shirt.

All in all, I really like the Rheos Gear Sunglasses. And for 50 $, with free shipping, getting a pair should be a no brainer!

Thanks Rheos Gear for sending in a pair of glasses to try! I highly recommend them!

If you’re interested, you can buy them through Amazon following this link. I earn a small commission on every purchase made through this link.

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