MarcHi! My name is Marc-André, and this is my blog!

Chartered Accountant during the day, dreamer on evenings and weekends, traveller, photographer and scuba diver during my time off, I have a few passions that define me.

I love airplanes, aviation, and everything that revolves around the industry. This passion (obsession?) started on an Air Transat flight from Montreal to Punta Cana. Long story short: my parents knew someone who knew the pilot. I got to take-off and land in the cockpit of the Lockheed L-1011. I was hooked.

I love travelling. Partly because it involves planes most of the time, and also because the world is like a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page! There are so many different things to see and experience out there. From culture to scenery to weird foods, I love discovering what the world has to offer us outside of Montreal, my hometown!

I love photography. It’s a passion that started during a trip in London when I was a kid. I was taking crappy pictures with the still picture function of a video camera. Photography grew on me around the runways in Montreal while doing plane spotting. Nowadays, even though most of my pictures are taken while I am travelling abroad, my camera is never really far from reach.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy this blog! And while you’re here, check out the First Time Here page so you can get up to speed on the best content here on the blog!

Thank you!