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I thought I would highlight a few stories here so you can get the best of what I have to offer (yet) !

Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t like tips and tricks? I can give you a few pointers on how to survive a long haul flight, or how to pack for a long trip, or what are my favorite travel apps. I can also tell you which photography equipment I fancy while on the road.

Scuba Diving

Are you into scuba diving? I am! If you’re not yet into scuba diving, check out my take on the top reasons why you should start scuba diving. And if you’re already certified and are looking to take it to the next level, why not get your advanced certification?

Still not sure after reading those two posts? Have a look at that video I made when I went diving in Cenotes in Mexico. I’ve never seen water clearer than that!

Do you want to laugh?

You’re allowed to laugh at me while reading the following post. I rented a motorcycle in Bali and I probably shouldn’t have. I survived though! With a nice little scar as a souvenir!

Or if you prefer to laugh at some badly translated signs found around Asia, have a look here!

Planning a trip to Japan?

I loved my time in Japan. It’s such a fascinating country. There’s the food. Have you tried Okonomiyaki? It’s delicious! If you know of a place where I can eat one in Montreal, please let me know, otherwise I’ll have to go back to Japan!

Then there’s the train system. It’s so well developed. We used a JR Pass, and I recommend it to everyone planning to spend some time in Japan.

There are the monkeys. How adorable are those snow monkeys? They’re much less mean than the ones in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. I loved monkeys after seeing them in Japan. But after getting my bag slapped by one in Kuala Lumpur, I changed my opinion.

And have a look here if you want to read about my experience visiting Hiroshima. It’s such a beautiful city, but filled with a lot of sadness due to the history that we all know.


Hawaii is amazing. I’ll have more content on Hawaii coming, but in the meantime, have a look at a helicopter tour I took over the Big Island, or the amazing golf course I played at Mauna Lani.

Other stuff

And if you’re thirsty for more, I have a few more posts lying around, like my tips to photograph the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, or a timelapse of a trip from Montreal to New York City, or another timelapse here where we had to go to the deicing. If you’re into airplanes, on top of the time lapses, have a look at those pictures that I took from a Continental Airlines Boeing 777, a KLM Embraer 190 or an Air France Airbus A380.

I also have some posts on Credit Cards, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Austria, among other topics. So have a look around!

If you’ve made it through here, thanks for reading! I appreciate!

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